Not Sure How to Buy Bitcoins (Crytpo), it’s Easy!

How to Buy Bitcoins

Not sure how to buy Bitcoins (Crypto), it’s Easy!

Follow these simple steps.  It’s easy…

Step 1 – Go To or

Step 2 – Enter your email and fill out a brief form (name, email, etc.)

Step 3 – Coinbase will then send you an email.  Verify your email address by clicking the button in that email.

Step 4 – Enter your phone number if you want to add a extra layer of security (2-step verification).  This is optional but highly recommended.

Step 5 – That’s It!

When using Coinbase, transaction fees are automatically factored in so all you need to do is send the correct amount of USD and it will automatically be converted into Bitcoin.  There’s no need to send more than the exact price of the item(s) you purchase.  In fact, doing so can result in payment not going through and your order being automatically cancelled.

Once you have a Coinbase account set up, you can buy and sell Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) but also buy and sell whatever you want as long as the person/vendor your buying it from accepts bitcoin.  No banks, no middle-men, no nonsense.  Just true financial freedom.

Once you have Bitcoin (Crypto), you’ll never go back! We also accept Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum.

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