Oxytocin: The love drug?

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The brain is a complex organ in the human body that has several regions that form part of the endocrine system, such as the Hypothalamus1. These parts secrete hormones that have multiple roles to play. Apart from hormones, the brain also has a number of neurons, neurotransmitters, and other components that play crucial roles in both psychological and physiological factors.

Oxytocin is a hormone that is produced within the brain and plays a role in various factors throughout the entire body. Some publications may refer to a synthetic version of the hormone as the Oxytocin love drug or a “love hormone”2. This is because the hormone is often associated with affection and intimacy.

What Is Oxytocin

Oxytocin is classified as a nonapeptide hormone and consists of a specific amino acid chain. The chain consists of nine amino acids, with a sulfur bridge that is formed by the cysteine that is part of this specific amino acid chain. The amino acids that form this particular peptide include3:

  • Cysteine
  • Tyrosine
  • Isoleucine
  • Glutamine
  • Asparagine
  • Cysteine
  • Proline
  • Leucine
  • Glycine

The nonapeptide hormone Oxytocin has a very similar amino acid chain structure to another compound known as vasopressin.

The first official isolation and synthetization of Oxytocin were recorded in the year 1953, which was done by Vincent du Vigneaud. In 1955, Vincent was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the work he has done.

The posterior pituitary gland in the human body, which is part of the endocrine system, is known to naturally release oxytocin. The oxytocin neurons in the body are also responsible for the production of many other peptides, such as dynorphin, as well as the corticotropin-releasing hormone.

Oxytocin has multiple actions in the human body and binds to oxytocin receptors in order to perform certain functions. The hormone has a role to play within the brain, but it has been found that once secreted, the hormone is unable to re-enter the brain. This is due to the blood-brain barrier that exists within the human body.

Some oxytocin hormones are also secreted from the testes in men and the ovaries in women, but the majority of the hormone is secreted within the brain.

Oxytocin Benefits in a controlled research environment

Oxytocin has a number of potential benefits that the peptide may contribute to a user. The product is often referred to as a love drug – this is because affection is one of the key factors that come to mind when talking about oxytocin. This is why some people may choose to use oxytocin in order to assist them in feeling more intimate with another individual.

The use of oxytocin peptides may also be beneficial for people who frequently experience social anxiety, as well as those with fears related to socializing with other people.

Amygdala activity may be reduced with the increased presence of oxytocin. This particular region of the brain has been linked to feelings of fear by human subjects. This particular effect is how oxytocin may be useful in assisting individuals who are experiencing anxiety and fear in social situations – the peptide may help to reduce these feelings. In turn, the individual using the peptide may feel more open toward socializing.

The use of oxytocin peptide has been approved by the FDA for purposes that mostly relates to female patients during and following their pregnancy. The peptide is used during antepartum, as well as during the postpartum period. Pregnant female patients with maternal diabetes or preeclampsia may be provided with the peptide. There are also cases where oxytocin is used when the membranes rupture prematurely.

Oxytocin Side Effects

A person may experience an increase in their blood pressure and their heart rate with the use of this peptide. An increase in cardiac output may also be noted, along with a possibility for arrhythmias. Tetanic uterine contractions and the possibility of impairment in uterine blood supply may also occur in some patients who are administered this particular peptide.

Where To Buy Oxytocin?

Oxytocin peptide is most often utilized in medical settings, such as during birth and following birth to assist in lactation. It might be possible to find oxytocin for sale online – in the majority of cases, the product would be a vial that contains oxytocin peptide as an ingredient. The idea behind the products sold online is usually to assist in reducing social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder symptoms. Homeopathic oxytocin is also available in some stores, which will usually also be promoted to assist in the management of social fears and anxiety.


Oxytocin often called the love hormone of the body, is a hormone that has various roles to play. This particular hormone is also considered a neurotransmitter and is thought to be released in times of affection, as well as when a person is being intimate with another or when aroused. During childbirth and when a woman is breastfeeding, oxytocin has a number of physiological roles to play as well, which is where the use of a synthetic version may come in handy. The peptide may also be useful in the treatment of conditions like social anxiety and in cases where a person finds it difficult to feel intimate with another.


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